28.03.2007 | 11:28 Thursday trennen sich vom Label Die Band Thursday haben sich jetzt nach vier Jahren und zwei Alben von ihrem Label Island Records getrennt. Die Gespräche dazu liefen über sechs Monate und das Ergebnis scheint eine freundschaftliche Trennung zu sein. So "befreit" wird die Band noch ihren Tour-Verpflichtungen bis zum Ende des Jahres nachkommen und dann Songs für ein neues Album schreiben. In einem offiziellen Statement der Band heißt es:

"Hello Friends,

After four years and two albums, we have decided to mutually part ways with Island Records. It was a difficult decision and it took us the better part of six months to come to an agreement with the label but now that we have both of us are very happy with how things have turned out. Everyone at IDJ has treated the band with respect and we are leaving on good terms with all our friendships still intact.

We will be completing all of the touring that we have booked for the rest of the year. Then we plan to start writing for a new record. We have not decided where this new record will be released yet. Although we've had several wonderful offers already, we're just enjoying our freedom for now (We've been on one label or another since 1999). It's very exciting to have the opportunity to start again.

We wanted to make sure you heard all of this from us first.

Thanks for all the support over the years, Geoff, Tom, Andrew, Tucker, Steve and Tim (Thursday)"
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