06.10.2006 | 08:05 Chimaira: Bekanntgabe der Labels Das Rätselraten und die Heimlichtuerei hat ein Ende, Chimaira haben bei neuen Labels unterschrieben. Es gibt für die Veröffentlichung in den USA einen anderen Partner, als auf dem Rest der Welt. Demnach wird das neue Album in den Staaten bei Ferret Records, überall sonst bei Nuclear Blast erscheinen. Das neue Album "Resurrection", das die Band gerade aufnimmt, soll im Frühjahr 2007 erscheinen.

Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:
"Well it's official! We've wrapped things up and signed two record deals! The first one being with Ferret Music for our home turf North America. We have known the guys over at Ferret for many years and they are great friends. We look forward to building off that friendship and making great records together. We knew we wanted to sign to Ferret right away and it was a great feeling to hear they felt the same way about Chimaira. They have a vision for this band that just blows us away, and we feel very fortunate to finally be working with a team that understands us.
For our friends outside of the US, we have linked up with Nuclear Blast. We met these guys on the European Sounds Of The Underground tour and were so thrilled to learn that they too were big of fans of Chimaira. They had this hunger in their eyes that showed us they were going to sign Chimaira if it was the last thing they did. That made us feel incredible. Not to mention the owner promised us his Porsche if we signed...we are holding you to that Marc! On a serious note, both Nuclear and Ferret have great ideas to deliver some killer goods to the fans. Things have never felt as good for us as they do right now, and its due in part to the killer music we're creating, plus the faith and enthusiasm we're seeing from the awesome group of guys over there at the labels. Chimaira still has an abundance of life and creativity flowing through our veins, and this new chapter in our lives may prove to be our greatest. Get ready for the most real, most passionate, and most technically punishing Chimaira record yet! -The beast has finally been unleashed..."
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