Interview mit The Sleeping
Interview mit Doug, Joe und Cameron von The Sleeping am 20.04.2007 I believe that was the most fun I ever had in an interview!
The Sleeping ... after meeting Doug, the singer, we turn on the tape recorder as we walk to the band's tour van to do the interview...

Simon: We've read that you consider Chino from the Deftones to be one of your idols!?
Doug: Yeah, definately! Although he is huge now. But as soon as you hear that voice, man... it's the illest! You shouldn't give a shit about anything else. Growing up, that was my stuff. If you just hear that voice it doesn't matter if it's a woman with a dick!
[everyone laughs]
Doug: It's still one of the best voices in the world. By the way, you guys are most welcome to sit down.

Simon: Well, as soon as the other band members show up it'll be to full, so we just stand outside the van for the interview. Speaking of which, we prepared a few questions for you. But first the formal introduction: This is Helmi, that's Joe and I'm Simon.
Doug [leaning himself over the tape recorder]: Hello! I'm Doug! Really nice meeting you all.

Helmi: Ok, I guess I will start things off. Once you've stated that the songs for the album "Questions and Answers" are very personal. I was wondering if playing these songs live on stage still affects you as much when you wrote them?
Doug: Most of the time yes, but sometimes when I'm on stage I actually think why I wrote this or that particular song or I think about the song itself and realize that it's time to write new songs about new things. It doesn't lose its value but you ache to write more. You wanna write about how things feel now as opposed to how I felt then. What changed? What didn't? You wanna go deeper in certain subjects. These things don't lose their persona, but sometimes I can't wait to write fresh material.

Simon: You dedicated one of your songs today to a mutual friend of your band.
Doug: Yeah, John "Beatz" Holohan. He was the drummer for the band Bayside before he passed away. Bayside are one of our best friends. Actually a few songs on our last record are about him. I met him through touring with Bayside and we wound up being really close as he was to the rest of our band. You go to shows and kids tell you that this band was cool and this band sucked but what they don't realize is what goes into it. He wasn't just a good friend, but he was working for what he loved, his life being taken away for doing what he loved - how could you not write something about a friend like that!? I hope every single person in this world, whether they know him or not, understand that people give their lives for what they're doing. They put their lives in the hands of fuckin' bands and busses and planes and random cities. Sometimes people go to see shows and they don't realize that this is your life. You play for kids and you risk your life doing what you love. And Beatz needed to be shown as a hero and that's why we wrote about him.

Helmi: For the next album, will you be doing it the same way as before - writing solely by yourself and about personal issues?
Doug: Our first album "Believe What We Tell You", which by the way has just been re-released on Victory, was written by all of us. I liked collaborating but now I found my niche. When I was younger I never really wrote any lyrics until the song was done. Now I write everyday. I mean I even write about a fucked up looking cardboard box on the street! If it's in any way interesting to me I write about it. And lately I have been listening to the Deftones a lot, I mean I grew up with them...

Simon: ...pretty much all of us did!
Doug: Yeah, totally! And lyrically when you're younger you're like: "This is the best band I've ever heard!", or "I love this part or that part!" and after being in a band myself for a long time now and growing up to be a musician I see things from a totally different perspective. And I've been listening to the new Deftones stuff again since the time after our latest album came out. Wow, these are lyrics!! Not that I've been trying to write in Chino's style but I took it as an inspiration and I found a way to write differently. So even if our new songs and our new lyrics are still personal, it's more personal for everyone of us since I've been writing not just about what happened to a person but about what that person felt when it happened, including ourselves. That's a huge step I have taken in writing.

Helmi: So where does your inspiration for the things you write about come from?
Doug: From everyone and everywhere. Everything that's around us and that's happening in the world. I mean I'm not very political but i've been a lot more involved with just the way things feel in the world. Something is not right - whether it's politics, society in general, technology, there's a whole bunch of shit that kinda sets you off balance...

Joe: the Virginia Tech Massacre.
Doug: Exactly! I have actually written about that and how it's been like the biggest shooting at a school in history. There have just been so many school shootings in the past few years and many people don't even know about most of them. You just make the News in the US if you have a body count of 15 or higher, you know!? It's just crazy. It's sad and it's fucked up - first that it's happening and second that after all it's just about fucking publicity. 3 people die, nobody will know. Stuff like that is just weird. I feel weird! What if one of these three is your sibling?

Simon: Virgina Tech has a partnership with a university close to where we live and where people we know study and even could have been at Virginia Tech when the shooting took place. So there is a personal connection like the one you mentioned and it's not even too far-fetched.
Doug: That's exactly what I'm talking about! And does stuff like that make it out in the public? Not where I come from. It's just fucked up. People lost their lives because of some fucked up kid. People try to learn something and they get shot. What the hell is wrong with this world?

Simon: I guess we should get away from that subject...
Doug: ...Oh, Yeah! Totally! [sighs]

Simon: It's just too damn frustrating to be a major part of this interview. So let's talk about today and the difference between festivals like this and club shows. What's more fun to play? Considering today one might think that it's more fun to play club shows than festivals.
Doug: Well, today you're right. But I can give you the best answer regarding festivals in the US. When you grow up playing in small clubs your whole life... For example I've seen Boysetsfire, who are huge over here, in a club with 20 people. Everyone starts small. There's goods and bads on both sides. For me personally I like festivals more, especially big festivals where you get to see so many people and play with so many bands. But then again there's awesome club shows. You can talk to every single kid, you can get in every single kid's face, you can connect to many more people despite the fact that there's less people watching your show.
[enter Cameron, the guitarist, and at first he acts as if he's interviewing Doug]
Cameron: Doug, I know that you've sucked a lot of dick in your lifetime and you've played in a lot of countries, which country did you suck the most dick in?
[everybody laughs]
Doug [hesitating]: Well, I have to say if I really sucked dicks I'd suck the most in... France!

Simon: But they don't shave their pubes, dude!
Doug: That's why, man! I love pubic hair!

Joe: Maybe some asian country 'cause their dicks are small!?
Cameron: They're so small you don't even notice it and when asked you'll be like: "No, man! I felt nothing, so I didn't do anything!"
[much more laughing]

Joe: [addressing Cameron]: You have to introduce yourself! Talk to the machine!
Cameron [talking to the mic]: Hi, I'm Cameron!
Everybody: Hi Cameron!
Simon: Simon.
Joe: Joe.
Helmi: Helmi.
Doug: Doug.
Cameron: What do you do, Doug?
Doug: Suck!
Doug: We're joking! Hey everybody! Now laugh!
Everybody [faking it]: HAHAHA....
Doug [to Cameron]: Nice entrance! The moment you show up we're starting to talk about sucking dicks!

Simon: Let's try another one of our questions then. We've talked about writing. Do you write songs when you're on tour?
Doug: A lot more than earlier. Like I said I only wrote when we had songs, sometimes it's really cool to picture lyrics with melody, but lately I've been tuning out and learning to write with no music around me instead of putting it into a song that we're working on. It's a lot cooler, because when we have a song I have so much stuff to choose from.

Simon: So how do you write whole songs?
Cameron: We're a jam band!
Doug: We're pretty much hippies in a room, you know, playing music together.
Cameron: When we try to force things it just doesn't come out as good as it can be when we're jamming. There's weeks after weeks when we try to write songs and absolutely nothing comes out. But then there's this moment, when we are not trying to develop a new song and we're not talking at all but communicating through music and that comes out awesome. In this case everyone's doing what they wanna do. I've been in bands where the members were not satisfied with the part they had. They either wanted to write more or play more or write less and just try stuff out but that's what's so awesome of being in a happy jam band...
Doug [smiling]: A happy jam band!?
Cameron:'s like everyone gets to do what they really want to do and we kind of all click in a way. It doesn't work in any band that tries to do it but for us it works!

Simon: So The Sleeping being a jam band... you have this one song called "If Your Heart Was Broken" off you debut record, it basically sounds like a jam song.
Doug: Yeah! Totally!
Cameron: We had this idea so we thought: Let's just jam, let it escalate.
Doug: And we had a pre-written kind of breakdown thing that we used for it in the jam.
Helmi: It's one of my favorite songs.
Doug: Thank You! It was so much fun recording it. This girl I was seeing and who was a really good friend of the whole band took the guys to a show and came back with all these girls. And we had this plan to get like a choir of girls that sings the line "if your heart was broken you would be dead" and joe, our drummer, was conducting them and telling them to scream louder. It was a cool break from our actual work.
Cameron: I was in the control room yelling: "Louder! LOUDER!!"
Doug [laughing]: It was really a fun experience having all these people in the studio.

Simon: Did you bring any people with you on this tour?
Doug: That creepy-looking young kid that looks like he's 40, he's our tour manager in the US.
Cameron: He's our slave!
Simon: Like Mr. Slave from South Park!
Cameron [laughing]: Yeah, right!
Doug: And our manager Chris is with us.
Cameron: We just wanted him to see Europe, you know, visit Germany, see Paris.
Doug: And then our driver.
Simon: So this girl with the Cancer Bats shirt who was sitting on the side of the stage during your gig...
Doug: Oh, she's just a friend from Germany. She is a fucking awesome promoter. She lives in Germany and since we never played here before she puts banners on websites, e.g. Myspace, she made like 1000 stickers, she is really cool and just likes to promote bands. And there's this other girl, the one with the red hair, she belongs to the Victory street-team.

Joe: You mentioned Myspace. You guys almost have a gold record on Myspace.
Doug: Yeah, we have over a million plays which is totally cool. But to be honest with you - and this might sound really lame and I'll be probably made fun of... I'm always on Myspace, I'm constanlty using my cell phone and stuff like that, but I read this book about how technology is fuckin' up the world. It's called "Privacy lost" by David Holtzmann. There's politics in the book but I'm not a political guy but basically it's straight-up about technology and about how people lose their privacy. I've been reading a lot more and I haven't checked Myspace since then. It's really crazy. He writes about how everyone knows who anyone is by now...
Joe: if you google your name!
Doug: Yeah, that's right!
Cameron: That's fucked up! And Google Maps and Google Earth...
Doug: ...and like GPS. We use it everyday to get around in life but no matter what people know where you are. Cars have GPS-chips in them by default nowadays and they already started testing humans with implanted GPS-chips - it's just fucked up!
Cameron: 3 people in our band are actually cyborgs!
[everybody laughs]
Doug: Yeah! Cameron has been twitching a lot lately, getting spasms and what not.
Cameron [acting like a robot]: Every once in a while something...
Doug: ...something.. something.. something... like he's caught in a loop!
Cameron: Like a Mitch Hedberg experience!
[everybody laughs]

Simon: Helmi, what about your soundtrack questions!?
Helmi: Oh, yeah! Ok, your band was on a few soundtracks - John Madden, Tony Hawk...
Doug: Tony Hawk only on the Wii version.
Joe: Nah, the Wii...
Doug:'re not down with the Wii!? To tell you one thing, sometimes it's really cool, but sometimes it sucks. Actually you might as well just stick with the PS2 or something.
Helmi: So did you approach the game developers?
Cameron: Yeah! We were like: "Listen motherfuckers, we wanna be on the soundtrack!"
Doug [laughing]: Victory took care of that. There is this girl at Victory, Monica, she takes really good care of us and she put us up with that. And we're actually playing the X-Games.
Joe: Now that's awesome!

Helmi: And you did a Bee Gees Cover of "Staying Alive" for the Soundtrack of the movie Crank!?
Cameron: Yeah! It took us like 2 days to make that song. It's kinda gay actually. We got the offer to do a soundtrack. So we were wondering what song they wanted and they wanted us to do this cover.
Doug: I thought i was gonna have to cut my balls off to do it! [grabbing his balls and starting to sing with a high-pitched voice]: "Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk..."
[everybody laughs]
Doug: But my balls are still here! It was fun though.

Joe: Is there anything you might actively seek - like a game or a movie?
Doug: Yeah, definately! I wish I could be on a comic book soundtrack. I love comic books and that would be fuckin' awesome! And video games - I think sports games are really cool.
Cameron: When we got the offer to do Madden I thought that the only other game worth doing it for would be Tony Hawk. And then one week later they came up to us saying we can do Tony Hawk! We were just stunned!
Joe: And then Tiger Woods 2008, featuring The Sleeping!
Cameron [laughing, then singing]: "If your club was broken, you would be dead!"
[everybody laughs hard]
Doug: Another cool thing about it is that you get a free copy of the game. And there's another story about this, a real story. I tell it all the time. I have this friend who is like a serious madden freak! When that game comes out every year you better not bother him. He's this huge giant jock, like a big football playing motherfucker and he called me up when the game was out saying: "So, Madden's out. And you're on the soundtrack." He was totally indifferent about it! And then he was like: "Ah, nevermind. I'm gonna start my season. See you later." And he just hangs up. [starts to laugh] My awesome friend! I'm like on his favorite game in the world and all he cares about is his fuckin' season!

Helmi: You mentioned covering a song for the Crank soundtrack. Would you consider covering an old Skycamefalling song?
[Doug and Cameron are laughing]
Doug: NO! That would not happen!
Simon: Well, you're the only one who wasn't in Skycamefalling.
Cameron: I am the only original member of the band. I don't think we will ever do that. It's just a totally different kind of thing. Everyone loves reuniting bands from out of nowhere...
Doug: ...I'd be like: "Ok, guys, get back together for a show. I'll go jerk off!"
[everybody laughs]
[enter Joe, the drummer]

Simon: Oh, hi! Thanks for dropping by! By the way, you have to introduce yourself to the machine!
Joe (2): Hi, I'm Joe and I play drums for The Sleeping.
Doug: Man, Joe! You just made the cutest face ever.

Joe: Ok, now, we have this little game. It's called "This or That". I'll tell you two things and you have to pick. Wanna play?
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Yeah! Bring it on!
Helmi: I'm just gonna take a few pictures while you're doing this little game, ok!?
Joe: Alright, first, summer or winter?
Joe (2): Summer!
Cameron: Summer!
Doug [hesitating]: Erm.. Summer.
Joe: Beach or mountains?
Joe (2) and Cameron: Beach!
Doug: Mountains!
Joe: Ocean or a lake?
Joe (2) and Cameron: Ocean!
Doug: Lake!
Joe: Snowboard or surfboard?
Joe (2): I wanna learn how to surf but I can snowboard - so snowboard.
Doug: I wanna snowboard.
Cameron: I'm gonna go with snowboard 'cause I tried surfing and by the time I paddled out I almost died.
Joe: Sandals - with socks or without?
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Oh, without! [all start to laugh] Come on, man!
Joe: PC or Mac?
Doug: Mac! You wanna give me one?
Simon: You gotta check out the Deftones backstage. They all have Macs!
Joe: Moving on.. Xbox or Playstation?
Doug: Xbox or Xbox360?
Joe: Ok, first Xbox or PS2?
Doug: PS2!
Cameron and Joe (2): Yeah, definitely!
Joe: And Xbox360 or PS3?
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Xbox360!
Doug: Xbox360 is all over the fuckin' place. I love that shit! My cousin he got the Xbox360 for Christmas and it came with Need For Speed-Most Wanted. I have the illest fuckin' cars in that game. I have a Dodge Viper and I blacked it all out with dirty yellow rims and I put spoilers on it… Dude, it looks like the fucking Bat Mobile! I cruise around fuckin' up cops all the time and I' like: "These motherfuckers don't know what's coming!" I turn the boosters on and I feel like fuckin' Batman! I'm sittin' on the couch in my boxers and, seriously, I have a hard-on thinking I'm actually cool!
[everybody laughs]
Doug: And I'm looking at my girlfriend saying: "Look at my car, honey! It looks like the Bat Mobile!" And she's just like: "Wow!"
[everybody laughs]
Doug: She doesn't get it at all!
Helmi: I always get caught by the helicopter.
Joe: Ok, TV or movies?
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Movies!
Doug: Although there's this TV show called Entourage...
Cameron: ...this is it, man! You gotta pick!
Doug: Ok, TV!
Joe: This is an easy one: Cats or dogs?
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Dogs!
Cameron: Cats suck! I'm allergic to them.
Doug: Cats are like fat bitches.
[more laughing]
Joe: Disney or Warner Bros.? Just keep going...
Cameron: ...that's a weird one.
Joe (2): I grew up with Disney so I'm gonna go with Disney.
Doug: I'll go with Warner.
Joe: Affair or relationship?
Cameron: Relationship!
Joe (2): Yeah, relationship.
Doug [hesitating then really quietly]: Erm... alright, relationship.
[much more laughing]
Joe (2): Haha!! He's the only one with a girlfriend!
Doug: No, no.. that's not fair... relationship!
Joe: This one is tough: War or nihilism?
Joe (2): I'm gonna go with nihilism.
Doug and Cameron: Agreed.
Joe: Education or health benefits?
Doug: Health benefits.
Joe (2): Health benefits.
Cameron: I'd rather be dumb and feel great about it.
Doug: I'd rather not be able to read but know there's no pimples growing on me.
Joe: Freedom or security?
Cameron [screaming]: FREEDOOOOOOOM!
[Cameron does the melody from the Rage Against The Machine song, everybody laughs]
Doug: Yeah, freedom!
Joe (2): Freedom.
Simon: First I thought you were doing the Braveheart thing.
Joe: Heaven or hell?
Doug and Cameron [together]: HELL!
[both start to laugh]
Joe (2): Heaven.
Doug: Seriously, I'd rather hang out with Satan. He's probably way more fucking badass than Jesus. If you're in hell you ain't going anywhere but I'm sure you can bang some 3-headed bitches for like hours.
Joe: Sex or love?
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Love.
Doug: Only if the sex is amazing though.
Joe: Head or heart?
[Cameron starts to laugh]
Simon: Why are you laughing now?
Cameron: I thought "head" like in "suck cocks"!
Doug [laughing]: I thought you were gonna say "head or anal?"! But seriously, heart all the way!
Cameron [still laughing]: Yeah! Heart!
Joe (2): I need to go get some head... I'm going with heart though!
Joe: Since we're at that subject again - tits or ass?
Doug: Ass! Although maybe because I never had a girlfriend with ill-ass tits!
Cameron: He's an ass guy!
Joe (2): Ass. I like asses!
Cameron: I love asses! Ahh...
Doug [laughing]: By the way, can you replace everytime I say "bitches" with "beautiful women"?
Simon [smiling]: Of course, we will!
Doug: Thank you!
Joe: Money or happiness?
Doug: Oh, shit...
Cameron: Happiness.
Doug: ...I like money but I'll go with happiness.
Joe (2): Ask me in 10 years.
Joe: Soft food or crunchy food?
Joe (2): Crunchy.
Doug: Crunchy.
Cameron: I'll take soft 'cause I don't have health care and I don't get dental.
Joe: Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?
Cameron: Yo, Chuck Norris! 'Cause my friend's dad looks just like him.
Doug: Chuck Norris because how you're gonna fuck with Delta Force!?
Joe (2): True! And Chuck actually battled Bruce Lee! It doesn't get any tougher than that.

Joe: Different kind of thing now: Finish the sentence! First, when I grow up I want to be...
Joe (2): My brother said "Pig Farmer", that was really weird!
[everybody laughs]
Doug: I'm not growing up.
Cameron: I'm going with money launderer.
Joe (2): I would have said musician but now it's probably crack head.
Cameron: Or I wanna be the illest weed dealer on the block.
Joe: I didn't call you because...
Cameron: ...I don't like you.
Doug: ...I was shitting.
Joe (2): I get phone calls on the shitter the whole time, man!
Doug: I can't do it because I push and talk and it's not happening. Oh, Cameron had poo water on his face once [addressing Cameron] remember?
Cameron: I was on South Dakota and taking a shit on the toilet and I had something like a bat coming out of my ass, like a baseball bat, dude! I was leaning forward trying to push it out and when it did - I was actually on the phone at this exact moment - a wave came out, it splashed against my ass and my balls and this little squirt came out and hit me right in the face!
[everybody laughs]
Cameron: I didn't even know it could go up that high!
Doug: Once we were on tour somewhere and I was on the toilet with an automatic flusher and it just wouldn't stop flushing everytime I moved. I tried to be still but I had to move at some point and as soon as I did this thing flushed again. See, man! Fuck technology!
Joe: The worst moment on stage was when...
Doug [laughing]: ...when my nuts were hanging out of ripped pants!
Simon: Didn't anyone tell you?
Doug: Oh, yeah, they did. Only afterwards. And someone even had a picture!
Cameron: ...when I realized that I just broke the guitar that I spend 15 months paying off. Just the week before I paid in off and then… boom! I was playing this riff, all excited, throwing the guitar around and I dropped it.
Joe (2): One of the worst moments turned into one of my best moments when Cameron jumped on my drums and I fell back and a cymbal landed on my nuts and straight up almost chopped my dick off. Somehow I moved out of the way. It hit it but before the entire pressure was on it I pulled my dick out. It could have been severed right there! And Cameron was like jumping around all enthusiastically screaming: "Yeah! This is crazy, man! We're flipping out!"
Doug: It was sticking out and it looked like that thing in fuckin' Spaceballs and about to sing that song at the end! [starts to sing] "Hello my baby, hello my honey..."
[everybody laughs hard]
Joe: Any other best moments?
Doug: Playing Roseland in New York City.
Cameron: For me one of the best moments was one of the last shows we played before we came here. Everyone on the tour came out destroying our set. Last day of the tour with From Autumn To Ashes, Maylene And The Sons of Disaster, Alesana.. all these guys came out on the stage when we were playing - and it wasn't even close to the end of our set - and they started taping up Sal with pillows while he was playing, one guy changed all the setting on my pedals and he picked me up and ran around on stage with me on his shoulders. And they took Joe's drums away, they just took it apart piece by piece. He was left there with a kick-drum and a hi-hat.
Doug: They were trying to tape me up, too. People were carrying around other people. It was awesome!
Cameron: That was definitely one of my best moments!

Joe: This is a little advanced now: The concept of the supreme being has developed in society to...
Doug: ...Myspace! Honestly! It's in movies, it's in talkshows.. wait! I'm gonna have to say Google! That's the top of things! It's fucked up! Did you know that "google" is an official term now!? It's a verb in the dictionary. Now that's crazy!
Joe: My favorite Mitch Hedberg joke is...
Doug: Haha.. I like: "I went to a pizzeria and I ordered a slice of pizza. The fucker gave me the smallest slice possible. If the pizza was a pie chart for what people would do if they found a million dollars, the fucker gave me the 'donate it to charity' slice."
Cameron: Mine is: "I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going and catch up with them later"
[everybody laughs]
Joe (2): I just like it when he flips out on stage and he realizes his joke is not funny.
Joe: Ok, just two more. The significance of today is...
Doug: Just fuckin' live, man! Live your life! Don't be fuckin' scared of anything...
Joe:, the 20th of April!
Cameron: Oh, we should be where we are tomorrow today. I was so mad 'cause I thought we were supposed to be in Amsterdam today.
Joe [grinning]: Don't worry, you'll et there.
Doug: I don't smoke but the significance of Amsterdam is to eat as many brownies as possible.
[starts to laugh]
Joe: Alright, final question: This interview was...
Doug [still laughing]: ...full of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!
Joe (2): What was the question?
Cameron: "This interview was...", now fill in the blank!
Joe (2): ...beautiful!
[everybody laughs]
Doug: There you have it!
[Doug starts clapping and the others do the same]
Simon: Alright, guys! Thank you very much!
Doug, Cameron and Joe (2): Thank you!
Doug: I believe that was the most fun I ever had in an interview!

Salvatore Mignano - Bass
Cameron Keym - Gitarre
Joe Zizzo - Schlagzeug
Douglas Robinson - Gesang

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