Interview mit Stone Sour
Interview mit James am 24.06.2003 Über Stone Sour, Songwriting und Einflüße....
wir schreiben das jahr 1992. eine zeit zu der slipknot lediglich ein kleines funkeln in den augen des clowns waren und zu der lediglich kleine kinder an helloween mit fiesen masken herumliefen. stone sour waren eine kämpfende, sich bemühende rockband und spieleten kleine konzerte vor einem publikum in ihrer heimatstadt des moines, iowa, dem sie aber relativ gleichgültig waren.
geformt von corey taylor (#8 slipknot) und schlagzeuger joel ekkman, schloß sich der band bald der bassist shawn econamaki an, mit welchem corey ebenso wie mit joel schon lange jahre befreundet war. es stellte sich jedoch als problem dar einen passenden gitarristen zu finden und stone sour durchliefen unglaublich viele gitarristen, von denen manche sogar nur für einen gig bei der band spielten.
dies sollte sich jedoch ändern als drei jahre später gitarrist james root (#4 slipknot) zur band stieß, welcher die band mit seinem soliden rockenden gitarrenspiel 1995 wunderbar passend kompletierte. es war jedoch schon zu spät, die band tourte zwar weiter, war jedoch nicht mehr wirklich mit dem herz dabei. sie waren enttäuscht und ohne wirklich wahre fans. so schien dies wohl erstmal das ende für stone sour zu sein.
ende 1996 lockte slipknot corey von stone sour weg, der etwas anderes, neues probieren wollte und james folgte ihm wenig später.

nachdem sie sich 5 jahre hinter masken versteckten und einen enormen erfolg mit ihrer band slipknot feierten, waren corey und james bereit etwas anderes neben slipknot zu versuchen. sie gingen dahin zurück wo ihre karrieren begannen um so schreiben und spielen zu können wie es mit slipknot nicht möglich ist.
in corey taylors worten "stone sour erlaubt es mir auf die art songs zu schreiben, wie ich es liebe, wie es mit slipknot jedoch nicht möglich ist. mit dieser band gehen wir einfach mehr dahin gute hard-rock songs zu schreiben."

am 26.04.03 spielten stone sour in der batschkapp in frankfurt am main, und ich hatte das glück und die gelegenheit ein interview mit gitarrist james root (stone sour, #4 slipknot) über sich und die band zu führen, welches im anschluß in seiner englischen orginalversion mit (fast) allen details zu lesen ist. lukas hat fotos gemacht, und der james ist ein richtig netter, sehr lockerer mensch. viel spaß dabei.

über stone sour, songwriting und einflüße....
(interview mit james root (stone sour, #4 slipknot) vom 24.06.03)

james root im interview mit shavo dosenmusik: ok, i'm gonna read these questions from this paper here because my english is not that perfect...
james: thats ok...neither is mine...(laughs)
dosenmusik: ok, first question... (james glotzt auf den tisch, ich wundere mich)
james: (während er guckt)... there's a red spider... (zeigt grinsend auf eine rote spinne auf dem tisch)
dosenmusik: aha... a red spider... ok (laughs)
james: (laughs)
dosenmusik: ok, first question: can you explain the events that lead to the origanal stone sour and how you actually got into the band?
james: i can't really explain the events that lead to the original stone sour but i can tell you how i got into the band. i started probably around 1995 when i was actually jamming with shawn in a side project and he was like... hey you should come and check out what they were doing with stone sour... but i was like that i don't really want it because i heard some of their music before and i didn't like it... so i hesitated to go there to check them out and what they're all about... but he told me to go down there so i went over to coreys' grandmas house where they practised at and i listened to them playing like 8 or 9 songs and among those songs which were songs like "tumult" and "monolith"... "take a number"...
dosenmusik: and you liked those songs??
james: yeah there were a bunch of songs and there were like 3 or 4 that i really liked and i thought: this is cool, this is kind of heavy, this isn't the stone sour that i remember hearing... threre was this demo tape they had before which was more like pussy-glam-rock stuff which is fine but not really my thing. so i heard those songs and i thought that this is cool and that it has a lot of potential... i mean i was in a speed metal band before called "atomic opera" and i had a song called "inside the scienic" which i took over to them and what corey did whith it and the beat joel put on it was really great. i thought that this is cool and could thats how i actually got into the band.... to make a long story even longer (laughs)...
dosenmusik: why did you leave the band when corey left it? didn't you like it anymore?
james: well after corey left the band actually broke up... without these special members in stone sour it's just not stone sour. it doesn't work.
dosenmusik: so you need all these members to be stone sour?
james: yeah, that's the other thing about it because we're all really close friends too. so if we continued it would be like trying to replace one of your best friends with somebody else who kind of acts like him but isn't actually him. it wasn't the same thing anymore so shawn and i left and joined a different band which was a whole completly different thing which was better than keep stone sour going. i mean we would always come back to stone sour and so did corey during his break with slipknot and we started out working songs again...
dosenmusik: was it easy to change from slipknot back to stone sour?
james: yeah it actually was...i mean all i do is play guitar so it wasn't difficult for me anyways...
dosenmusik: i read in some papers that concerning the songwriting corey and josh are doing the main parts. is that true?
james root im interview mit shavo james: well thats true for like half of this album. the way josh likes to write music is actually that he has a whole song in his head before he even takes it to the band. so he'll write full songs like that on his own. well as the rest of us more like to write like a whole band. the songs i write at home i will take to the whole band...but after all it's the whole band. there are like 4 or 5 songs that josh and corey wrote together. josh actually wrote and corey put lyrics on it...
dosenmusik: are there any songs that you almost wrote on your own?
james: yeah...'inside the scenic' is one... that's pretty much it. i mean i've got like 12 or 13 songs at home on my computer and we're probably going to use some of them in the future. but i like it more to write with the band because it's a better vibe.
james: ok i got to interrupt you for a second! you're freakin' me out because you look just like chris fane, the drummer from slipknot...#3..
dosenmusik: i look like him??? really...?
james: yeah man... thats trippin' me out... (laughs loudly)
dosenmusik: some people say i look like the guy from system of a down...
james: no, no, no you look just like fane #3... hats trippin' me out... ist freakin' me out... thats cool ...well whatever (laughs)...
dosenmusik: what do you think influenced the whole stone sour album?
james: what influenced it???
dosenmusik: the influece from different members?
james: that's hard to say because it's a very collective album. the josh songs are pretty different from the songs that we wrote and they're different from the songs that i wrote and they're different from the songs that shawn wrote. i guess in a way...and i'm not trying to compare us with these guys at all but we're like the beatles as far as i approach the songwriting because we have songs that start out with one guy but then the whole band will come in and put their sense on it. so a song that i come up with will sound a bit different from a song that corey comes up with and that will be different from a song that josh came up with and it's the same thing with shawns songs and even joel plays a bit guitar... so thats how we get all the different sounds to the music...
dosenmusik: there must be alot more freedom in stone sour than you've been used to like ist in slipknot because slipknot is more agressive...?!!
james: i'd say there is just more freedom in stone sour because it's just more democratic. in slipknot we used to have 2 or 3 guys that tried to run everything... thats one part of the problem with slipknot and hopefully that will change when we get together to write the next album. but there's definitely more freedom stone sour in every aspect as far as the songwriting is concerned. and... well everything because everything is equal. we all look to each other to help on shit and we all look to each other and think about what everybody think we should do in the future with this band. it's not like in slipknot where actually two guys are behind every one elses back an try to figure it out.
lukas: i've got a question... i heard about a concert with stone sour and in flames some time ago?
james: yeah we just played with in flames in madrid... and with metallica...
lukas: when?
james: like two days ago... thats were we just came from... madrid. we had a show with some weird band called "plastic circus", "in flames" and metallica. it was awsome! i love in flames they're a fuckin' great band...
dosenmusik: i have a question about your influences! which guitar players and musicians do you look up to? somebody who influenced your playing....?
james: thats hard to say because there are so many....
dosenmusik: like any you listened to when you were young?
james: it's weird... when i first started playing guitar i was listening to eddie van halen, steve vai... guys like that... thomy iomi, richi blackmore (black sabbath)... when i was older i started getting into john prochiany... even thom york (radiohead) is a great guitarplayer just as well as a songwriter! i mean there are so many good musicians out there. i don't mean that everybody influences my songwriting but all i do is listen to music. i don't watch tv or anything... well it's a hard question to answer...
dosenmusik: what did you listen to today on the tourbus? or yesterday?
james: today i left my ear pluggs upstairs and i didn't listen to anything and yesterday... i was listening to blur (laughs)... i was listening to the beatles before that and then i had it on shuffle... i was listening to everything from like bjork to halloween... what else... the haunted... i listen to everything!
dosenmusik: not only the music you're playing?
james: no. i don't really listen to a lot of metal. we were listening to st. anger the other night on the bus too.
dosenmusik: thats a great album!
james: that's a fuckin' awsome album..i fuckin' love it!
dosenmusik: i've seen metallica at rock am ring and the show was awsome!
james: i watched the dvd that came with the cd...and hey ...awsome! (guckt mich an ich nicke zustimmend)
dosenmusik: they're actually some of my favourite guitar players... james hetfield and kirk hammet!
james: definitely! ride the lightning, kill em all...
dosenmusik: master of puppets!
james: yeah, master of puppets and‚ and justice for all' are definitely very influencial albums. even the black album! i don't know so much about load or re-load! but gargage days... fuck come on!!! and all the ep's.. like the creeping death ep!
dosenmusik: yeah they're very cool!
james: yeah! metallica is probably the best band in the world! i'm convinced of it especially after watching them for the past few days.
dosenmusik: i've seen then on the load tour but this was not that good but the last show at rock am ring was really cool!
james: the first time i saw'em live was on the master of puppets tour when cliff was still in the band and it fuckin' blew my mind! and i saw'em on the and justice for all tour... one of these days, one of these days!!
dosenmusik: i'm actually a bit jealous now! i would have loved to see them at that time...
james: (laughs)... i was like fourteen when i saw them on the master of puppets tour 14 or 15 i can't remember... the iowa j of des moines, iowa... i stood right in front of cliff... (duckt sich, guckt wie ein kleines staunendes kind und verzieht dabei extrem komisch den mund)
shavo, james, lukas: (extremely loud laughters)
dosenmusik: do you have any favourite guitars?
james: favourite guitars?
dosenmusik: yeah i mean you play prs and fender and gibson... which one do you like best?
james: i have to say that my strats are actually my favourite guitars...
dosenmusik: in slipknot you play only the prs guitars actually...
james: yeah but i'm gonna take the fenders over to slipknot too... we're gonna start working on a signiture model. they have a model that just came out which is called fly head... i have a fly head tele which i try to get used to tonight... but what i'm gonna do with those guys is work on a cross-hybrid-guitar. it's like a standard american strat mixed up with the fly-head strat... and hopefully that will be cool. that's gonna be the main guitar i use. but i love my prs because they sound amazing and they're really really good guitars... they're really small and they've got a short scale... you can play them good, they sound nice...
dosenmusik: and they're very expensive for guys like me... (big smile, eine gescheite prs kostet den normalsterblichen 2500€ günstigstenfalls ;))
james: yeah they are... but they're not cheap for me either... well... i mean... when you tune low you have to have a long scale neck... otherwise it goes out of tune...
dosenmusik: i have a les paul standard at home and when i tune it down it is like... (ähhhh genau)
james: the strings go like wouwouwouwou... when you hit them hard?
dosenmusik: yes.
james: you have to spend a lot of time to set them up especially les pauls standards... hard to set for a low tuning. how low do you tune? (das hab ich erst auf dem diktiergerät verstanden, deshalb folgendes geschwätz von mir im anschluß)
dosenmusik: (verafft) i have this sunburst one, because i was a big fan of gnr when i was a kid so i always wanted to have that guitar so i bought it one day.
james: it's a great guitar... very expensive too (laughs)
lukas: do you pay the full price for your guitars?
james: i pay for like three of them... and for the rest i've got something like an artist discount which is like 20% off the full price... they still cost me like 1500$.... which isn't very cheap... strats are alot cheaper... (laughs)
dosenmusik: when did you realize that music is gonna be one of the major parts of your life? like when you realized that this is the thing you wanna do your whole life?
james: ever since i can remember... since i was a little kid. honestly since i can remember i knew. my parents were heavily into music. my dad had so much vinyl and i always listened to his records. i always pretend to play guitar when i was a kid... i begged and pleaded with my parents for years and i finally got a guitar when i was like 14 years old... and i remember like 3 or 4 years before that beggin them for a guitar and they never got me one... i mean i had this piece of shit like a nylon string accustic... and finally they got me a guitar... well... and here i am (laughs)
dosenmusik: how are your feelings on that the music that you play actually has a big impact on the whole world and on the people in the whole world especially like myself... i mean i listen to your records and i play that stuff too.
james: it's weird... it's a very good feeling... it's weird because i don't really think that my music really has that much impact on other people...
dosenmusik: well it definitely has...
james: it's weird because i don't think of it in terms like that. i think of it as like what are we gonna do next. you know we're constantly thinking of what we're gonna do next and whats gonna happen with the band. i mean it's a constant struggle to keep your head above the water in this industry... i mean you're a musician and you know. it's the same thing here as what you're doing just on a different level and when you get to this level because i'm sure you will some day it's the same thing. you know what i mean. and to have somebody come up to you and say: your music inspired me to do this or you make me feel this way with your music is a really good feeling. it makes everything worth it! i have to say... yeah (hehe)... because you deal with a lot of bullshit in this industry... you really do! and at the end of the day thats what you stuck with. the impact that you left on people.
dosenmusik: last question which is more like a personal question: do you have any good advices for somebody like me who wants to be in a position where you are now... (james laughs) because my biggest dream is actually to be on tour because music is my life and thats why i do this and that's why i love to talk to guys like you.
james: make sure that you're making music with a group of people you trust and that you're very close to because they're gonna be your family. and having such a trust thing make sure you got a pretty good lawyer... very evil... and i hate'em to death but you have to have'em because everybody that's out there puts the hand in your pocket... everybodys out there is trying getting out the best of you... it sucks but it's the sad truth of this pathetic fucking industry industry we're in... if you really want it that bad just keep going for it.
dosenmusik: it's the only thing i want to do...
james root im interview mit shavo james: it's the only thing i ever wanted to do and it's still the only thing i wanna do and some days are better than others. so just fucking stick to your guns and be honest with yourself and be honest with the people you're doing it with. and everything will come out alright hopefully... because i'm still trying to work on it (laughs) know what i mean..we're still trying to work on it. it's a never ending struggle man...i'm sure metallica....i mean i kinda got to meet james hetfield. and i just can tell by looking at him that he is obviously at a place thats very very good for them. but they fuckin' went through hell to get there...and that's what it is go through hell! but if you're honest and good then you fuckin' rise to the top! hopefully! (funny laughter) cool was cool talkin'....nice to meet you man!
dosenmusik: thanks a lot.

stone sour:
corey taylor - vocals
josh rand - guitar
joel ekman - drums
james root - guitar
shawn economaki - bass

autor: shavo | 24.06.2003
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